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Bonus rounds 3a and 3b!
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Just wanted to let you guys know - bonus rounds 3a and 3b are now up! They're super-duper simple and easy, so we should have no probs getting some points. ::::)

Also, y'all should go check out what we are doing in the collab round post if you haven't already! It is SERIOUSLY AMAZING.

Holy crap, guys, go fucking VOTE!
Trollsona (Homestuck)
Whether we win/place or not, we can scoop up a cool thirty (30) points just for all/most of us voting! How sweet a deal is that?! ::::D

Just make sure you DON'T VOTE FOR OUR TEAM and DON'T VOTE FOR THE SAME ENTRY TWICE. 'Cause that'll l8se us points, and defeat the whole point. The point being DEFEAT ALL THE TEAMS AND EMERGE VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!! YEAH!

Rules and a link to the voting form are here.

(Deadline is the third of September. GO GO GO!!!!!!!!)

(LMK if you want me to take this down, O' Palhoncho and Glorious Friendempress. Just wanted to drum up some interest quick-like.)

Chat post!
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Here is our general post, where you can talk about anything you want pretty much! Unless you start breaking the HSO rules. But I don't think we're going to have a problem with that.

Music post!
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What are your personal theme songs for our favorite moirails? This post is a place for us to share the sick beats and strict rhymes that remind us of John and Vriska. Also your favorite vids and mixes!
I don't have much for John, but I actually tried to make a Vriska mix a while back. It...didn't get very far. But I do have a couple of songs that I think fit really well!
"Invisible Monsters" - Motion City Soundtrack
"Cry" - That Handsome Devil
"Culling of the Fold" - The Decemberists
"Marble House" - The Knife (Vriska and spidermom)

Inspiration post!
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So let's have a John<>Vriska party post! What do you love about our ship? What are your favorite headcanons? Have you drawn any art or written any fics? Do you have a favorite piece of art or fic that everybody NEEDS to see? Do you have any cool John<>Vriska icons to share (I know I could definitely use some)? John<>Vriska to your heart's content all up in here!

Bonus round 0!
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Bonus round 0 is now up and running, so let's go out and get us some points! All you need to do is create some banners or icons for one of the other teams, so this should be a piece of cake! ::::D Feel free to use this as a discussion post. Remember, entries 1-5 are worth 10 points, while entries 6-10 are worth 5. Anything beyond that is just for fun!

(And I am still working on the posts for the comm! Unfortunately I got bogged down with RL stuff this weekend, but they will DEFINITELY be up by tomorrow. Love you guys!)

EDIT: Check out the awesome gifts we have gotten so far!

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Contact post!
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Just so we have some way to get in contact with each other outside of LJ. Everything on here is optional, basically - if you don't feel comfortable sharing stuff then don't feel like you have to!

Templ8!!!!!!!!Collapse )

The master list!Collapse )

GET ALL THE POINTS!!!!!!!! (And this is why I'm not a friendleader, I'm much too shouty/excitable.)
Sing! Until your lungs give out!
Alright you losers, listen up! You want to earn points to add to the ever-growing and glorious pile of points our team has? A pile that will soon TOWER OVER THOSE PATHETIC DIAPER-SHITTING GRUBS ON THE OTHER TEAMS?! DO YOU?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU, MAGGOTS!!!!!!!!

Of course you do, because John<>Vriska is awesome and the 8est and will have ALL THE POINTS, so hustle your hot little buns on over to THIS POST, read the instructions, and then pimp the Olympics everywhere you have available to you. Each pimping earns your team, the 8EST team, five (5) points. We already have forty-five (45) points, and that's up there with the big ships (I'm talking we're even with John<3Karkat right now). That's right, we're playing with the 8ig dogs and we are going to NEUTER THEM!!!!!!!! ::::D GO TEAM JOHN<>VRISKA! YEAH!!!!!!!!

...Anyone want to see if we can talk the mods into changing it to eight (8) points every time one of us pimps this thing? :::;3

Introduction post!
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Hello and welcome to all_the_tiers, the headquarters for Team John♦Vriska of the Homestuck Shipping Olympics! We are obviously the best team because we have all of the levels.




Anyway, let's go around and introduce ourselves! My name is Emily (the username is misleading) and I am currently a college student on summer break, which is why I decided to take the plunge and become palhoncho of our team. Also because I am a dumb idiot. My favorite Homestuck characters are pretty much everyone (but primarily Vriska and John...and Karkat and Kanaya and Rose and Dave and Jade and Terezi and omg everyone). I ship everything there ever is. If you want to friend me on tumblr, since that's where I primarily hang out, I'm drmrsthemonarch over there! I am super duper -EXCIT----ED for this Olympics to start, and I know we are going to do great!



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