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Music post!
homestuck: vriska psychic reacharound
stupid_laura wrote in all_the_tiers

What are your personal theme songs for our favorite moirails? This post is a place for us to share the sick beats and strict rhymes that remind us of John and Vriska. Also your favorite vids and mixes!
I don't have much for John, but I actually tried to make a Vriska mix a while back. It...didn't get very far. But I do have a couple of songs that I think fit really well!
"Invisible Monsters" - Motion City Soundtrack
"Cry" - That Handsome Devil
"Culling of the Fold" - The Decemberists
"Marble House" - The Knife (Vriska and spidermom)

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Oh man "Culling of the Fold" all of that song is so so her, totally agree! "Invisible Monsters" too;
It’s hard to admit, my weaknesses can consume me.
I search for the cure in the bottles of varied volumes, yeah.

That just screams Vriska.

Hm I'll try to think of more in the future, but uh off the top of my head "Blue Veins" by the Raconteurs is a fairly John and Vriska-ish song?

"I Will Keep the Bad Things From You", the Damnwells - dl, lyrics. This is a great general moirallegiance song for lines like "I will sleep above the covers / I will love you like no other". The one that clinches it for me is where the singer promises that he'd be the other one's stomach acid - that's just so tender, codependant, and godawful bizarre enough to work beautifully for moirallegiance. Troll romance sure is weird!

I'll just leave this here. :3
("I'll 8e Yours If You'll 8e Mine," John<>Vriska fanmix by schellibie. Crying is mentioned, but I forget why because I wasn't paying attention when it was playing, lol.)

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