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Chat post!
homestuck: vriska psychic reacharound
stupid_laura wrote in all_the_tiers

Here is our general post, where you can talk about anything you want pretty much! Unless you start breaking the HSO rules. But I don't think we're going to have a problem with that.

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Alrighty then I'll ask to get this thing started and also because I am curious; When did y'all start shipping John♦Vriska? Was it a fic, something in canon, revelation from on high, etc.

Personally I really enjoyed their canon interaction and liked them talking about ~feelings~ as 'rails are want to do, and then Marchingstuck sealed the deal.

I wasn't (and am still not) caught with Homestuck, but I had read enough to love John and know who Vriska is. So at some point I read John's wiki page and the stuff about him and Vriska and I just went "D'awwwww".

And so I kind of shipped John♥Vriska at that point. Then not too long after that was the update with Vriska's messages and her with the snow, and so fandom was freaking out and d'awwwing over them. So that just encouraged me.

And then, I don't what, but something pushed me to ship John♦Vriska as well. Marching/Promstuck wasn't the catalyst I'm think, but that sure helped it!

I've pretty much loved Vriska since her introduction (Scorpio represent, yo), and when she and John started talking I just absolutely adored their interactions. They were the kind of people who I never thought would get along, and yet they understand each other perfectly.

I do sort of ship them in ♥ as well? But I just love the whole concept of moirallegiance so much and John and Vriska work so well together just as BROS and balancing each other out.

John and Vriska are two of my favorites, and I love their interactions! Especially Vriska opening up to him. I kinda like them as matesprits too but I prefer them as moirails. They can have Nic Cage movie marathons and talk about their feeeelings! Plus I'm just overly emotionally invested in the concept of moirallegiance.

I probably started shipping them (as moirails) during their conversation in the castle. She was so honest about all this really terrible stuff, even though it would horrify John - and John was freaked out, but still showed he liked her a lot and talking her through it all - and I had a feelings explosion. That was when I started wailing 'moirallegiance' to the heavens, although I started getting really interested in their relationship (and liking Vriska) when Vriska got John killed and ascending to god tier. That was terrible and amazing all at once.

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