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Introduction post!
homestuck: vriska psychic reacharound
stupid_laura wrote in all_the_tiers
Hello and welcome to all_the_tiers, the headquarters for Team John♦Vriska of the Homestuck Shipping Olympics! We are obviously the best team because we have all of the levels.




Anyway, let's go around and introduce ourselves! My name is Emily (the username is misleading) and I am currently a college student on summer break, which is why I decided to take the plunge and become palhoncho of our team. Also because I am a dumb idiot. My favorite Homestuck characters are pretty much everyone (but primarily Vriska and John...and Karkat and Kanaya and Rose and Dave and Jade and Terezi and omg everyone). I ship everything there ever is. If you want to friend me on tumblr, since that's where I primarily hang out, I'm drmrsthemonarch over there! I am super duper -EXCIT----ED for this Olympics to start, and I know we are going to do great!


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I am pretty sure I'm on this team, and I have already begun taunting a member of the John<3Karkat team in preparation. Because I am HARDCORE like that. Also, I am craving IHOP like no one's business. Welp, that's breakfast figured out.

I should probably introduce myself, since that's what you said to do. I am Doc. I write things and also draw. I am doctorvtumbls on Tumblr and I have no fucking clue how to use it. But I'm pretty sure I've got everything set to email alert me, so you should be able to get ahold of me there easily enough.


Hi! I'm Riley, and I haven't used my lj for ages, so I really need to upload some Homestuck icons when I'm work. I just graduated from undergrad this year, and am slowly delurking from 4 years of trying to convince myself that lurking didn't count as procrastinating, so I'm really glad that these Olympics are happening! I draw and write, although I haven't posted things anywhere public for awhile except an Aradia picture that's supposed to get me to use my tumblr (peregrineflight).

We are clearly the 8est team!!!!!!!! All those other teams aren't fit to launder our awesome God Tier hoods.

with a specially uploaded icon and everything.

Hello I am ludicrously excited for SHIP WARRING, and also I love the comm name as 1) all the tears are what Vriska and John make me shed, and 2) they are, of course, kickass and have actually climbed all the tiers. Because they are the best. As are we. GO TEAM!!

I write, no one wants to see me do art unless they've had a very trying day and need a laugh, and my tumblr is finaglingming but I do nearly nothing with it except compulsively click "like". (Slightly relevant: At one point fuckyeahvriskaserket was rated as my biggest tumblr crush.)

Hi, I'm Karleen! I haven't used LJ for a looong time (I'm mostly on Tumblr nowadays) but John♦Vriska is a gr8 reason to be here again. I like a lot of things, draw stuff, and sometimes make graphics. ::::)

Would you mind if I did a post asking all members to go earn us some points by pimping the shit out of this thing? Figured I should ask first. ::::)

Not at all! :D I was actually thinking about doing the same thing, so go right ahead!

I may have gotten a little excited. ^_^

Aaand done. I think you need to approve it first, though.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Can I have a title? I wanna be Grand Marquis of Frenzy-Whipping. ::::D I WILL GET EVERYONE SO PUMPED.

Hey! My name is Malia and I need some John/Vriska icons (that I will probably snatch from other members)! I barely use my lj anymore, but damn it if I was gonna miss this! I mainly hang out over
here. I love most everyone in Homestuck and am a proud multi-shipper.

Drawing is the only fanworky thing I'm sort of good at, though I am intrigued by FSTs (though my music taste is mostly awful).

Hello there guys! My name is Amanda, and I am known as skaiasthelimit on lj and on tumblr.

Homestuck and it's characters have a very special place in my heart, and this is the first fandom I have participated in. I basically have something I love about ALL THE SHIPS, but I have certainly made no secret of the fact that Vriska<>John is particularly appealing to me, as evidenced by this comic I did recently. Very very excited to be here. I hope we will have lots of fun together, and uh, CRUSH THE COMPETITION YEAH!! >::::D

(Deleted comment)
Aaa thank you! So much love for this pairing, haha. :D

Hello guys!! I'm Arii. It's been a while since I've actively participated in a fandom so I am super duper excited for this! I'm write mostly really silly things so that is what you can expect from me. Oh! I also hang about on tumblr at souffleoflife.

Anyway, despite my multi-shipping I have tossed my hat in with the 8est moirail team! GO US!!!!!!!!

May I make some suggestions?

I have been spying on the enemy (making the rounds of the other team comms, because I am a shameless pairing whore) and had a few thoughts.

1. An encouragement/inspiration post, perhaps. Art that you like of the pairing, fic recs, general cheerleading, John<>Vriska icons, etcetera. (I am actually doing some very stupid art that could be used in making said post.)

2. General chat post. If only because I feel bad bugging you on this post when it's supposed to be for introductions. D:
Anyway, just a post where everyone can babble at each other, discuss headcanons, help each other find that thing that they can kind of remember but not the name or enough to search for it. Stuff like that.

3. Titles! :D Such as, for example, Grand Marquis of Inspirational Speeches (the mods talked me down from "Grand Marquis of Frenzy-Whipping, too violent I guess). Duchess of Ill Friendbeats, Holder of the Sacred Nic Cage Movie Collection, Super-Pope of All the Luck, you get the idea!

4. Music hospital post, because these beats are SICK. :D Eh? Eh?
*cough* Yeah. Er. Right. Anyway. A post for songs that make you think of John<>Vriska, fanmixes about the pairing, fanvids, etcetera. Though this could be part of the encouragement/inspiration post.

So...yeah, those are my suggestions. :3 If you want me to back the fuck off, let me know. I'm just so jazzed about this!

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Re: May I make some suggestions?

Oh I like these ideas!! Inspiration and chat posts both seem like they would be particularly useful/fun. I second the motion! :)

Re: May I make some suggestions?

Haha you are fine! I've actually been trying to figure out some posts to make and having this makes my job like thirty times easier. :D I'll try to have them up by tonight!


hi guys i'm caddyl and i'm so excited for this!! my best bro is on this team too SO EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL AND NOTHING HURTS and i'm totally ready for this.

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