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Introduction post!
homestuck: vriska psychic reacharound
stupid_laura wrote in all_the_tiers
Hello and welcome to all_the_tiers, the headquarters for Team John♦Vriska of the Homestuck Shipping Olympics! We are obviously the best team because we have all of the levels.




Anyway, let's go around and introduce ourselves! My name is Emily (the username is misleading) and I am currently a college student on summer break, which is why I decided to take the plunge and become palhoncho of our team. Also because I am a dumb idiot. My favorite Homestuck characters are pretty much everyone (but primarily Vriska and John...and Karkat and Kanaya and Rose and Dave and Jade and Terezi and omg everyone). I ship everything there ever is. If you want to friend me on tumblr, since that's where I primarily hang out, I'm drmrsthemonarch over there! I am super duper -EXCIT----ED for this Olympics to start, and I know we are going to do great!


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Hello guys!! I'm Arii. It's been a while since I've actively participated in a fandom so I am super duper excited for this! I'm write mostly really silly things so that is what you can expect from me. Oh! I also hang about on tumblr at souffleoflife.

Anyway, despite my multi-shipping I have tossed my hat in with the 8est moirail team! GO US!!!!!!!!

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