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GET ALL THE POINTS!!!!!!!! (And this is why I'm not a friendleader, I'm much too shouty/excitable.)
Sing! Until your lungs give out!
doctorv wrote in all_the_tiers
Alright you losers, listen up! You want to earn points to add to the ever-growing and glorious pile of points our team has? A pile that will soon TOWER OVER THOSE PATHETIC DIAPER-SHITTING GRUBS ON THE OTHER TEAMS?! DO YOU?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU, MAGGOTS!!!!!!!!

Of course you do, because John<>Vriska is awesome and the 8est and will have ALL THE POINTS, so hustle your hot little buns on over to THIS POST, read the instructions, and then pimp the Olympics everywhere you have available to you. Each pimping earns your team, the 8EST team, five (5) points. We already have forty-five (45) points, and that's up there with the big ships (I'm talking we're even with John<3Karkat right now). That's right, we're playing with the 8ig dogs and we are going to NEUTER THEM!!!!!!!! ::::D GO TEAM JOHN<>VRISKA! YEAH!!!!!!!!

...Anyone want to see if we can talk the mods into changing it to eight (8) points every time one of us pimps this thing? :::;3

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We should be up to 50 shortly!

I am now inspired to try and work some kind of military AU into this challenge. Vriska as drill sergeant!

Whipping John into shape because she wants him to be the 8est ever? :D

If you write it, I will draw things.

And then they fight together in the foxholes! Maybe there will be a prompt we can wangle into this.

Guys! GUYS! We're in the lead right now!!!


Good going, guys! We just need to keep up this level of SHEER, MIND8LOWING AWESOMENESS and we'll have this thing 8eat for sure!


Seriously you guys this is AMAZING


We should be at 85 as soon as mine are registered! We are so ahead of the game here guys :D

Haha oh my god THIS TEAM IS AMAZING. Vriska would be proud.

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